Patents protect new technical inventions and give the owner a monopoly right to prevent other people from making, using, selling or importing their invention. In exchange for this monopoly right, the patent application is published 18 months after the filing date, thereby sharing the details of the invention with the public.

Inventions need to be kept confidential before they are filed in a patent application, so it is therefore advisable to contact us before talking to third parties about your invention.

Our patent attorneys and technical staff have a broad range of technical backgrounds, and can comfortably work with inventors from a wide variety of fields to prepare commercially relevant patent applications. We have a wealth of experience in automotive, electronic, mechanical and computer-implemented technologies, to name a few fields.

We also have in-house patent drawing facilities, ensuring that your application is supported by accurate drawings.

Patents are territorial rights, and we can advise on the most appropriate patent filing strategy to cover your commercial interests. We have a network of reliable associates in foreign countries to assist us in obtaining overseas patent protection for your invention.

Once a patent application has been filed, we keep you updated as to the progress of the application during the examination stage, which generally may vary in length from one to six years. After patent grant, annual renewal fees are payable to the Patent Offices, and we can manage this process for you.