Designs protect the appearance of a product, which results from a combination of the colours, shape, contours, texture or materials. Although designs may be unregistered, registered designs provide more defined protection and are easier to enforce. A registered design will help you to prevent other people from designing products similar to yours.

Although designs can be registered in the United Kingdom up to twelve months after the designer first discloses it, we advise you to contact us before disclosing your product in case aspects may potentially be patentable.

Design applications must be accompanied by drawings, and if you do not have suitable technical drawings then our in-house graphics team will work with you to produce these.

Registered designs are territorial and you may benefit from registration in a number of overseas countries in addition to the UK. We have an extensive network of reputable foreign associates to assist us in the process of registering your design overseas.

The design registration process can vary in length from approximately six months to three years, but we will keep you informed as to the progress during this period. After registration, renewal fees are payable every five years, up to a maximum of 25 years, to maintain the registration in force. We can manage this process for you.