Intellectual property is the creation of the artist, designer, developer or inventor. It is the result of their creative endeavour. Whether it is aesthetically pleasing or provides a technical solution, it may have substantial commercial value. When the creation is placed on the market it becomes part of the known art and is open to exploitation by competitors.

Various legal processes may protect the commercial value of your intellectual property. These establish intellectual property rights (IPRs) which may be created automatically or may require a registration process.

Our focus is on the registration of intellectual property rights, namely:

  • Patents - For technical innovation and invention
  • Trade Marks - For the goodwill associated with a brand
  • Registered Designs - For the non-functional attributes of industrial design

We also provide intellectual property portfolio management that enables the growth of a set of intellectual property rights that add the most value to your organisation. Our renewals department is heavily involved in the management of IP portfolios, and has the sole function of ensuring your intellectual property rights remain in force.

We also appreciate that for many start-up companies our services are only effective when placed in a wider commercial context that includes searching, market research, financing, product development and sales. We work with many professionals in these fields and we can therefore assist using a collaborative approach to leverage the maximum benefit from our cumulative expertise.